CSR Declaration



由于时间一很少来智联管理网了,但由于近期不断有国外客户需要公司提供CSR声明书(CSR保证书),所以老大安排我自己去搞定这件事,我向各处朋友寻找此资料,找到了很多这方面的信息(论坛也有,感谢坛主)并找到一份模板(感谢曾老师的模板),受益匪浅。因为客户都是国外 的,需要英文版的,所以我参考模板编写了这份英文 版的CSR Declaration。请各位指教,谢谢!

CSR Declaration


We, declarer of this declaration, hereby represent and warrant the follows:

We, CompuPack Technology Co., Ltd  (“CPC” or “we”) hereby declare and warrant that our responsibility the compliance with the provisions of the CSR code of conduct. We also require our major suppliers and the next tier suppliers follow the code of conduct, and make the work condition safe, the workers be respected, and the production processes be in compliance to environment requirements.

  1. Obey the Law: We comply with all the applicable national laws and regulations, the lowest standard in the industry, ILO and UN Convention.


  1. Freedom of Association: We establish a workers congress, employees free to join, and workers can communicate with the top-leaders through it.


  1. Non-Discrimination: We won’t discriminate against gender, age, religion, pedigree, social status, social background, disability, race, and ethnic origin, nationality, membership in the workers’ organizations, party, sexual orientation, or any other personal characteristics.


  1. Wages and Benefits: we confirm that the workers would be paid local low-wages or overtime and would be subject to local labor laws, protect the worker can pay the cost of normal life. To deduct or default employee wages in any way.


  1. Working Hours : We comply with the work time requirements, reasonable arrangement of production and the staff have a rest, employees are willing to work overtime, and overtime is not more than 12 hours per week, to ensure that staff can rest 1 day after workers has been continuous work 6 days in the labor law.


  1. Health and Safety: We establish and improve these regulations and procedures of the occupational health, health and safety act. Strictly implement it and ensure the health and safety of our employees.


  1. Young Workers: We abide by the national laws and regulations, ILO and UN Convention,employed by the employees must be at least 16 years old and banning child labor (under the age of 16). According to the relevant laws and regulations, we have to protect the child labor in the factory.


  1. Freely Chosen Employment: In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations requirements, we banned forced labor or prison Labour.


  1. Environment: We comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the environmental protection, to deal with the waste from the production of processing plant and create a good working and social environment.


We will comply with the above commitments, keep communication with all employees, and improve the national laws and regulations, ILO, and UN Convention .We would like to receive from the government, the guest and other related review of the organization at any time.



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